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Burnings, Butchery & Black Death: London’s Bloody Past

April 22
United Kingdom
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Burnings, Butchery & Black Death: London’s Bloody Past

Travel through a thousand years of history, meeting kings, body snatchers, Charles Dickens, an eighteenth century ghost, and William Wallace – aka Braveheart (and learn how he was in no fit state to shout “Freeeedoooommmm!” whilst being executed!) 

On this virtual tour you’ll visit the areas around Smithfield, for centuries London’s site of both animal and human slaughter. You’ll learn about how the city disposed of the tens of thousands of Black Death corpses in the fourteenth century, the execution methods used in the Middle Ages, and how the area became a notorious slum which Dickens used as the setting for Oliver Twist.

The virtual tour will take place over Zoom, with a login link emailed to you a few days beforehand.

Tickets cost £10 per login, and the virtual tour takes approximately one hour.

Click here to read reviews, and see why customers say this is one of the best tours in London!

Virtual London Tours for the Metropolitan Grand Lodge Air Ambulance Appeal

Dear Kent Club Members, we are proudly supporting the Metropolitan Grand Stewards in promoting their ambitious target for the Up Against Time Appeal.

In March 2023 the Metropolitan Grand Master Sir Michael Snyder launched the London Freemasons Up Against Time appeal, with the aim of raising £3m to help the London Air Ambulance replace its two helicopters.

The Metropolitan Grand Stewards 2023 team are aiming to raise £20,000 for the Air Ambulance appeal, to coincide with twenty years of Metropolitan Grand Lodge. In support of this vital cause, WBro Tom Currie PMetGStwd will be running one-hour virtual tours of London over Zoom:

7pm Monday 22nd April – Burnings, Butchery & Black Death: London’s Bloody Past


Book Here


Tickets cost £10 per login and all net profits raised will go directly to the Air Ambulance appeal.

If you would like to make an additional voluntary donation to the Air Ambulance Appeal, the link is below – please claim Gift Aid if you’re eligible to do so, as it increases your donation by 25%!

Donation link:

[Name of the Lodge/Chapter: MetGStwds 2023, Number of the Lodge/Chapter to be credited: E2058E]

the Metropolitan Grand Stewards 2023 Events Committee thank you for all your support!


We eagerly anticipate your presence at this distinguished event, where we aim to create an unforgettable evening of camaraderie and celebration.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

The Kent Club.

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