An Interview With A Distinguished Military Masons

Tuesday, 12th January 8-9 PM: A Distinguished Military Mason Shares his Experience and Insights We would like to invite you to meet a distinguished military mason, who will share lessons in resilience and leadership learned on the battlefield and applied to civilian life. His experience of alignment, teamwork and adapting to a hostile environment is truly […]

Meet John Parry for a night of wine and stories

Wednesday, 24th Feb 8-9 PM: Meet John Parry for a night of wine and stories W Bro John Parry PSGD, PAGSoj, Metropolitan Grand Inspector has kindly accepted an invitation to join the Kent Club for an evening. Bro John will share his story, which, with a background, in music, photography, radio, TV and Film promises […]

An evening with the CEO of Lifelites

Tuesday 2nd March  8-9 PM: An evening with the CEO of Lifelites We are delighted to announce that the CEO of Lifelites, Simone Enefer-Doy, has a accepted an invitation from Ivor Macklin, to meet the Kent Club on 2nd March. Lifelites is a charity which supports magical technology to improve engagement of children in hospices. […]

An Evening with Patrick Penny and Simon White

Wednesday 7th April at 8pm: Patrick Penny and Simon White are the Second and Third Metropolitan Grand Principals respectively, and the Kent Club is very pleased to be spending an hour in their company on 7 April. We'll be hearing about why the Royal Arch is crucial as the next stage after being made a […]


The Actual Virtual Magic Show with Alan Hudson

LOCKDOWN SPECIAL, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY,  8th April 2021 at 7:30pm Alan Hudson - The Actual Virtual Magician   As the light at the end of the tunnel grows ever closer, the team at MetGL Events thought that it was time for an exclusive free treat.RW. Bro. Sir Michael Snyder Met GM/Supt, would like to invite members of […]


Craft Freemasonry in Scotland with Tom Quinn

Wednesday 5th May at 8pm:  Tom Quinn, known to many as the Provincial Grand Master of Mark Masons in London - will be telling us about his personal experiences of Freemasonry (Craft, etc) in Scotland. There are many differences between English and Scottish Freemasonry, as we'll hear If you would like to attend please follow […]


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Freemasons

This is a “FUN” lecture which is actually in TWO PARTS as there were too many celebrities to include in a single lecture! Over the years there have been many lectures written on the illustrious membership of our Fraternity. Several have focused on select groups of Free-masons such as Actor Cowboys, American Presidents or Classical […]

London Mark Awareness Evening

If you are interested in joining or are already a Mark Master Mason, please join this informative event about Mark Masonry run by the London Mark Mason team who will shed more light on this fun degree


An Evening with Darrel Palmer, MetGL Almoner

Please join us to share an evening on Wednesday 9th June at 8pm, with Darrel Palmer the MetGL Almoner, who will tell us about his career and how the Almoners Team are making a difference more than every.   Register in advance for this meeting:   We will be doing a little fund-raising for […]


The Scarlet Cord with Ian Currans – ***NEW DATE***

Wednesday 14th July at 8pm to 9pm:  Ian will be presenting an insightful and interesting view of the Scarlet Cord. If you would like to attend please follow the link below:


Golf Day

Organised by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Chapter Golf Society, the Kent Club would like to invite you to the following Golf Day Met GS meeting at Aldenham Golf and Country Club for the ‘Opening Ode Trophy’ (non-masonic guests welcome) cost £60 per golfer including dinner. For more info and booking please contact the Secretary […]


Masons & The West End Tour

Take a wander around London's famous West End and hear tales of Masons. During the walk through Theatre Land, you will hear entertaining tales of Masonic actors and celebrities. Further Details: Mike Neville masonic author Presents - West End - Celebrities walking tour. Saturday 7th August. Meeting at Charring Cross Station 10.30 am . Cost […]


Kent Club Summer Picnic and BBQ – ***NEW DATE***

We are delighted to confirm that Ivor Macklin has invited us to join for an adults picnic in this stunning setting which won best garden in Kent in 2016. Partners are welcome and there are some rooms to book in the relaxing B&B. We'll be putting on barbecue supplying meat and drinks, but this is […]

Golf Day

Organised by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Chapter Golf Society, the Kent Club would like to invite you to the following Golf Day Met GS meeting at Sunbury on Thames GC for the ‘Presidents Salver’ (non-masonic guests welcome) cost TBA For more info and booking please contact the Secretary Eric Mould at   Please […]


The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) Awareness Evening

On Thursday 23rd September at 8pm, the District of London Allied Masonic Degrees will be holding an awareness evening via Zoom. Are you a Mark Mason and Companion of the Royal Arch? Would you like to learn more about the Allied Masonic Degrees? Then come and join us at our Awareness Evening. It is free […]

Building and Re-building Lodges with Kent Club for London Masons

Please join us to hear first hand, via Zoom, the stories of how your fellow Met masons have turned their ideas - covering craft beer, golf, rugby, cricket, Twitter, university students and Escorting Officers - into real Lodges. The evening will cover: Ivor Macklin explaining how the Hornsey Lodge re-invented itself as the Met Escorting […]

Golf Day

Organised by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Chapter Golf Society, the Kent Club would like to invite you to the following Golf Day Met GS meeting Captains Day and Charity Cup at Brookmans Park GC near Hatfield (non-masonic guests welcome) cost £65 per golfer including dinner. For more info and booking please contact the Secretary […]


A walk with Actor W. Bro Vas Blackwood (“Rory Breaker” from Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels)………….

Blind Begger pub 337 Whitechapel Rd, London, London

........around scene from the movie in East London followed by a pint and chat with him after!!!   The London Tour offers you the unique opportunity to have a fun afternoon with Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels actor, Vas Blackwood. Vas Blackwood, an actor known for playing many roles on film and TV including […]


Freemasonry As A Method of Memory Mastery

The Kent Club is glad to introduce you to one of the wonderful game of Memory with Martin Faulks. If you want to know how to improve your memory for the ritual and names Martin Faulks has made this handcrafted talk for the Kent Club   From the earliest Masonic records, Freemasons and Freemasonry have […]

A Visit to Taurus Lodge No.3981 Burns Night Theme

Butchers' Hall 87 Bartholomew Close, London, UK

We're kicking off the 2022 season with the first of many visits to interesting and entertaining Lodge evenings. The Kent Club has the pleasure of being invited to attend the formal Lodge meeting and Festive Board of the Taurus Lodge No.3981 on Monday 24th January 2022, tyling at 4:00 PM. This Lodge is for the Freemen and […]


Mark Master Masons Awareness Evening

On 17 February at 7.30pm The Mark Province of London and the Kent Club will bring you a Mark Master Masons awareness Evening Hosted by the Mark Province of London. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Mark Masonry and virtually meet some of the team. The talk will be led by […]

The Kent Club @ The Emulation Lodge of Improvement Annual Festival 2022

Freemasons' Hall 60 Great Queen St, London

The Kent Club will join the Emulation Lodge of Improvement Festival this year Emulation Lodge of Improvement will hold its Annual Festival at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Friday 25th February 2022 at 17.00hrs. There will be a demonstration of four Sections of the Lectures under the watchful eye of VW Bro Graham Redman, […]


An Evening with Russell Sollof – Met Grand Inspector

In the Month of March The Kent Club brings an entertaining evening with Russell Sollof PSGD MetGInsp., who will share some of his background - from playing in a band, growing several successful businesses and through to his current Masonic role. This will include an insight into keeping the very highest of standards within London Freemasonry. In his […]

The Kent Club members are invited to Watch F1

The Moretown Belle 5 Thomas More St, London, London

F1 Lodge - Bahrain GP Viewing Our Friends and brethren of Jeanne D'Arc Lodge (F1 Lodge) is inviting the The Kent Club Members to view the Bahrain GP with them @ Moretown Belle, 5 Thomas More St, London E1W 1YY (near St. Katherine Docks) on Sunday 20th March 2022 from 13:30. The Grand Prix will […]

An Evening with the Grand Chancellor

The Grand Chancellor is UGLE’s Foreign Secretary, and the present incumbent – V.W. Bro. Paul Engeham – has kindly agreed to share his experiences of working with over 200 Grand Lodges worldwide. Being responsible for implementing UGLE’s external relations policies is no easy task and representing the world’s oldest Grand Lodge can mean taking on […]

The Kent Club Annual Dinner 2022

National Liberal Club 1 Whitehall Place, London, London

Thursday 19th May 2022 at the National Liberal Club Founded in 1882 and designed by Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the Natural History Museum, the National Liberal Club was created as a place to relax, unwind and socialise. "A home for democracy", void of class distinction associated with "other" clubs, it was frequented not only by eminent statesmen […]

Royal Arch Awareness Evening

Freemasons' Hall 60 Great Queen St, London

The Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London is pleased to Present Royal Arch Awareness Evening Hosted by Royal Arch Chapter Room with all the usual position occupied by Officers of Metropolitan Grand Chapter in full regalia There will be an Informative by Member of Metropolitan Executive Who will happy to answer any questions regarding the Royal […]

Kent Club Summer Picnic and BBQ –

Thatched Cottage Hever Road, Hever, Kent

The Club’s annual BBQ and picnic will again be held in Ivor Macklin's stunning award-winning garden in Kent. Partners are welcome, and there are some rooms to book in the relaxing B&B located in the grounds of the house if you would like to make a weekend of it. We’ll be laying on the barbecue […]

The Kent Club Visit to King’s College School Lodge Centenary Meeting

Freemasons' Hall 60 Great Queen St, London

King’s College School Lodge will be celebrating its centenary in June (deferred from 2021 for obvious reasons!) and, as the daughter Lodge of Grand Master’s Lodge No.1, the meeting is sure to feature some interesting guests! There will be a presentation of the centenary warrant and an abstract from the Lodge’s history will be given […]